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Need a drum tech or backline tech? We can cover your needs with experienced professionals and you can rest in comfort knowing things will be done right.

  • Live Concerts

  • Studio

  • Show Cases

  • Television

LADS has 25+ years in servicing concert tours, studios and Television!

Touring Tech?

Are you working as a touring tech? Trying to be?
Chris offers private classes on what it takes to be on the road behind some of the worlds best drummers and artists.

  • Intermediate and advance drum electronic setups and programing

  • Tuning and tuning dynamics

  • Advise and guidance

  • Tips on setups

Each private class is tailored to what you need to accomplish most.
"I will tell you my secrets that helped me get to where I have in touring". -Chris
If you are interested contact LADS to schedule an appointment with Chris.
Be sure to ask for rates and any currently running discount offers.


"As a professional Drum Tech, finding out you are being sent to LA to learn the ins and outs of an electronics rig by Tech-to-the-stars, Chris Achzet, in preparation for an upcoming Rihanna tour is awesome to say the least. I could only equate it to being a promising hitter in the major leagues and finding out your hitting coach was going to be Mickey Mantle. You know the experience is going to be amazing, daunting at times, and most likely change the way you approach your job forever.

I am one of the lucky few that have lived this experience and it will, without question, change the way I approach any gig going forward. The end result of this 4 day long process was that I walked away with a skill set for the drum electronic system that I could not have gained anywhere else, let alone in that amount of time. It also resulted in a stadium tour that went off without any problems to speak of.

As a professional tech with over 20 years of touring experience, my advice to anyone serious about learning drum electronic and set ups is to embrace any chance possible to spend time at L.A.D.S with Chris. It will be an amazing experience that you will never forget.

I am proud, and fortunate, to have Chris as both a mentor and friend."

J. Colangelo
Drum / Back Line Tech: Rihanna Touring

Proud Contributor of Drum!

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